Hand and Boot Warmers

Wheat Pouch Designs produce Hand and Boot Warmers from corded cotton fabric which can be heated in the microwave in a couple of minutes.

The hand warmers can be simply held for a few moments and as you squeeze the wheat bag; the circulation will improve, warming your hands effectively. Alternatively, before going out into the cold, put your hot Hand Warmers into your pockets to keep your hands warm whilst outside.

Many people keep their boots and outside shoes in a cold place, so do your feet a favour by warming your footwear before use. Simply heat both Boot Warmers in the microwave for no more than two minutes and then place one inside each boot or shoe. After a couple of minutes your boots or shoes will be as warm as toast. Remove the Boot Warmers and put your feet into warm boots or shoes. Your feet are far more likely to stay warm once out in the cold than they would be if your boots or shoes are cold when putting them on.

Hand and Boot Warmers are particularly effective for those people who suffer from Raynaud's Disease.

Hand and Boot Warmers are available scented with lavender or plain wheat. Please read the page 'Lavender Wheat Bags' and specify when ordering whether you would like 'scented' or 'unscented'.

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